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Press release

An unusual gastronomic encounter

On Wednesday 3 March 2021, an extraordinary event occurred at the Marais Restaurant in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The Chef, Lalaina Ravelomanana had the honour of organizing a 6-handed dinner together with Mathieu Pérou, Chef of Le Manoir de la Régate in Nantes (one Michelin star and one green star) and Irwin Durand, Chef of the Paris restaurant Le Chiberta by Guy Savoy (one Michelin star).

Since it opened in 2019, the Marais Restaurant, Madagascar’s first gourmet restaurant, has been a source of great pride for the country. This unique place where French gourmet cooking meets the treasures of the Malagasy terroir, is a human adventure where Lalaina has chosen to foster local producers and train the best cooks in outstanding cuisine. An open-kitchen restaurant that has nothing to hide, but everything to share.

Seeking commitment and excellence, and driven by the same passion, the 3 Chefs were able to express their gastronomic identity via the creation of a menu of 7 dishes highlighting not only outstanding matches between French and Malagasy products but also Rova Caviar Madagascar.

In particluar there was the sturgeon mousseline and zebu broth infused with makrut lime accompanied by Rova Caviar, marinated tuna and creamy goat cheese with tsimperifery pepper, and Granny Smith apple, Daikon radish and ginger pickle, as well as a duck supreme cooked on low heat, accompanied by beetroot mousse and gravy infused with hibiscus.

On the sweet side, the lime coriander granita and white cheese emulsion accompanied by lime meringue, won over the real gourmets !

Rova Caviar Madagascar is the first caviar from Africa and the Indian Ocean. For Chef Lalaina, it is a source of pride to work with this rare product on a daily basis, changing the way it is presented, to reveal its tangy, fragrant flavours without warping its nature, developing its unique texture and lingering taste.

The guests were delighted to have this rare, iconic experience, a never-ending creative game exploring new, unknown flavours.

A big thank-you to Chefs Irwin Durand and Mathieu Pérou for travelling to Madagascar for the occasion ; this 6-handed dinner would not have been possible without them.

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