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September 23 to 27, 2021

Sirha Lyon 2021


The SIRHA Lyon, an essential exhibition for the Catering Trade

In September 2021, not far from Lyon, a new chapter in the history of Rova Caviar Madagascar was written. On the occasion of the 20th edition of the SIRHA Lyon, a not-to-be-missed event for gastronomy and hotel professionals, Rova Caviar had the honour of living five days full of emotions where exceptional encounters, the sharing of common passions and the pairing of the most refined dishes made this unique event come alive.

Passionate glances and conversations were exchanged in the convivial atmosphere of the show. A moment out of time where Rova Caviar Madagascar had the privilege to share its love for exceptional products with great figures of French and international gastronomy. Chefs such as Alain Alexanian, Christophe Marguin, Maroun Chedid and many others were able to leave a mark of their passage in the Maison’s Guest Book.

In order to give rhythm to the international fair and to immerse visitors in the Maison’s world, Rova caviar offered tasting experiences through various concepts. Orchestrated by the know-how of Chef Lalaina, ambassador of the Maison Rova Caviar, as well as our partners, Chefs Emmanuel Perrodin, Irwin Durand, Christophe Geoffroy, Christophe Chiavola, Patrice Noël, Sébastien Brette, Fréderic Jaunault, Jean-Marc Bouchet, Sébastien and Nadine Gaillard, sweet and savoury combinations and cooking shows were offered to guests throughout the fair. Finally, the Rova Caviar pearls were also proposed pure accompanied by spirits or exceptional drinks such as Beluga Vodka for a Russian-style tasting, Deutz Brut Champagne for a French-style match, Louis XIII cognac for a timeless journey of the senses and Dammann Frères teas for a fragrant alliance. Thus, connoisseurs and amateurs were introduced to the art of caviar through surprising discoveries.

With the desire to highlight Madagascar and its terroir, Rova Caviar took advantage of the show to reveal different gustatory facets through a spice trunk, a true ode to the Malagasy terroir: the unique Pompona vanilla and the woody notes of wild pepper to name but a few.

Warm thanks to the visitors, to our Chef Ambassador and to our partners for this emblematic event of the Maison Rova Caviar Madagascar.

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